What is The Best Time To Drink Detox Tea? Read Expert Advice

Do you know, what is the best time to drink detox tea? Drinking detox tea at the right time is the most important thing if you want to avail full benefits from detox tea. Time to drink detox tea is majorly depends upon the purpose of drinking detox tea. As detox teas come in different flavors and each different flavor serve different purpose. Some detox teas are for the detoxification of skin, weight loss, and liver cleansing etc. While some detox teas also gives you a peaceful sleep.

what is the best time to drink detox tea by detoxteawizard

If you want to drink detox tea for weight loss, then the best time to drink detox tea is the morning time. Now it doesn’t mean that drinking detox tea at the night time will not going to give you any kind of advantage. As mostly detox teas are meant to drink two times a day, so obviously it will give you benefit at the night time as well. But the main thing here is, you’ll get maximum benefit from detox tea in the morning time. The purpose of drinking detox tea also matters if you are thinking to drink detox tea before or after eating.

Detox tea in the morning

Detox tea is more beneficial for weight loss in the morning time due to many reasons. First of all most of the morning tea blends contain caffeine and many other beneficial ingredients, which give you boost, and makes you highly energetic. Because of this energy, you tend to engage in more physical activities. You’ll feel no sign of laziness or weakness. Even you’ll easily follow your workout plan. This will really help you in cleansing toxins from your body and you’ll also lose some weight in this way.

Detox tea will make your digestive system work properly. It will also suppress your appetite, so you’ll crave no more for the unscheduled meals. This is how you’ll lose weight.

You should follow the instructions given on the detox tea packaging which recommends you to drink detox tea two times a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. However morning time will be more beneficial as compared to drinking in the evening time.

Detox tea at the night time

If you want to drink detox tea at the night time then make sure it shouldn’t have caffeine in it. Caffeine is good in morning time but worst at the night time. If your drink has caffeine in it and you are thinking to drink it during the night time, then it will badly disturb your sleep.

Mostly night time detox teas contain chamomile which allows you to sleep peacefully. During your sleep it cleanses your body from the toxins. Night time is little less effective as compared to morning time, but still detox tea works properly during the night time and helps in detoxification.

When you shouldn’t drink detox tea?

The only time which is not suitable to drink detox tea is the middle of the day. If you’ll drink detox tea at this time, then you’ll disturb your routine and probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom.


Both times i.e. morning and the night time are beneficial for drinking detox tea. However the morning time will be more beneficial as compared to night time. So you should drink detox tea twice a day, but should majorly focus on the morning time. Its better to avoid drinking detox tea in the middle of the day.


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