Can You Drink Detox Tea Cold? Is it Beneficial For Health?

You may have drank hot detox tea, but can you drink detox tea cold as well? The best way to drink detox tea is to enjoy a cup of hot tea. But modern studies show that you can enjoy the cup of cold tea as well. The detox tea is full of antioxidants which are good for your health.

Can you drink detox tea cold by detoxteawizardWhen we talk about the cold cup of detox tea, it contains more antioxidants as compared to hot tea. Some detox teas are also recommended to use as cold rather than hot. Especially, in the case when your tea is full of nutrition. Some studies show that if you want to get the maximum benefits of those nutrients, you need to use the cold or iced tea.

Sometimes it is also observed that the cold tea contains an extra amount of bio-active compounds like garlic acid etc. Whenever you are looking for the detox teas the key is to steep the tea in the water perfectly before serving. So we can say that cold tea has also many health benefits like hot tea. Just like hot detox tea, it is also beneficial for colon, liver, lung and kidneys.

But when you are looking for the perfect taste of the detox tea, you need to drink the hot tea. Because cold detox tea is not as flavorful as the hot detox tea. However in the summer, some people don’t like hot teas, they feel more refreshed with the cold tea. Let’s see the different weather conditions and the environment when you can also use cold detox tea.

During hot weather

When the weather is too hot, most people want to drink some kind of cold beverage as compared to hot drink. When we talk about the detox teas, many people think that detox teas are only drinkable in hot form. So they don’t drink detox teas in hot weather. But studies show that you can also use the cold detox teas during hot weather. You can also get the maximum health benefits from the cold detox tea.

For nutrition purposes

The detox teas contain many kinds of antioxidants and nutrition’s which are good for humans. It is observed that the human body gets the maximum amount of nutrition’s from the cold tea as compared to hot tea.

With lemon taste

You can also use cold tea by adding some lemon taste. Because this will increase the life of detox tea antioxidants. You can drink cold detox tea in this way without affecting the antioxidants ratio. Moreover, the lemon addition can add a perfect taste to your detox tea.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that you can drink detox teas in both ways. Hot detox tea is beneficial in its own way and cold detox tea has its own benefits. In summer season, mostly people don’t prefer drinking hot beverages. So it’s a gift for them, as they can drink cold detox tea. In this way, they will not only get health benefits, but also can beat the heat.


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