Can You Drink Detox Tea While Pregnant? Guide For Women

Love to detoxify your body? But can you drink detox tea while pregnant? Detox teas can be used to detoxify your body, cleaning out all the toxins from the body. People find it an easy way to lose weight. That’s why people add it to their daily routine diet. But what about the pregnant women?

can you drink detox tea while pregnant by detoxteawizardIn this article you’ll learn the effects of detox tea on pregnant women. Also you’ll come to know that whether a pregnant woman should drink detox tea or not? A woman has to take care of a lot of things in diet while pregnancy. Because diet can effect on her pregnancy and on his unborn baby.

As detox teas are made up of many herbal ingredients including laxative ingredients as well. Those ingredients shows laxative effects. Though it is beneficial in normal days, but during pregnancy a woman should be very careful with a detox tea.

Before taking a detox tea, a pregnant woman should consult with her healthcare provider first. Because detox teas can interfere with several medications. Also some detox teas are of really good quality while some are inferior in their quality.

Nutrition and Weight Needed During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs minerals, vitamins, and calories in high amount during her pregnancy as compared normal days. For the nutritional growth of baby and changes she require during her pregnancy, a woman needs such nutrition in high amount. Woman also require to increase the blood flow and fat stores in her body.

You have to take about 200-300 extra calories and prenatal vitamins each day. It is also considered that woman needs to gain 25-35 lbs. weight during her pregnancy.

How Detox Tea Can Interfere?

Detox teas are used for weight loss and cleansing purposes. Detox tea speed up your metabolism. Fast metabolism burns calories. So if you’ll drink detox tea during pregnancy then it will be really hard to fill up the daily requirement of calories, which are required in pregnancy. Even you won’t be able to provide energy that is required for the growth of your unborn baby.

As mentioned above, not all the detox teas are of good quality. There are only few brands that manufacture premium quality detox teas. So some ingredients in low quality detox teas can be harmful for you and your unborn baby as well. Low quality detox tea can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain or dehydration.

Not all the detox teas, but still there are some detox teas that contain caffeine. A woman shouldn’t exceed the daily limit of 300 mg caffeine. So if she’ll drink a lot of caffeinated detox tea that exceeds her daily caffeine limit, then it will be harmful for her.

Exceeding daily caffeine limit can result in some kind of complication or even miscarriage. As caffeine put pressure on the liver. While liver is already busy in the processing of pregnancy hormones. So putting more pressure on the liver can be really harmful for her.


What teas are safe to drink while pregnant?

You can drink teas like lemon balm tea, raspberry leaf tea, peppermint leaf, and ginger tea during your pregnancy.

Is chamomile tea ok when pregnant?

Chamomile tea is very beneficial during the normal days. Even you can drink it during your pregnancy but in little amount. Don’t drink too much. Little amount is safe. You can drink 1-2 cups a day.

Can green tea cause miscarriage?

Green tea should be avoided during the pregnancy. As green tea contains caffeine in it. Exceeding the caffeine limit can cause miscarriage. Also green tea contains catechin which can reduce the bioavailability of folate which can be risky for a pregnant woman.


Although detox tea has some benefits but during pregnancy it can have some side effects as well. Because most of the detox teas are of inferior quality, only few are of good quality. Detox teas also decreases the amount of calories.

So we’ll suggest to avoid drinking detox tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However if you still want to drink it then it’s better to consult with your healthcare provider. Because in this scenario, your doctor can best consult you by looking at your medication, health condition and weight.

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