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Frequently Asked Question!

What Is Detox Tea?

Detox tea is prepared by mixing different natural herbs, which are helpful in detoxifying your body. You should keep in mind that there is no magical ingredient that clean out all the toxins out of your body but the organic herbs which are used in detox tea that help to clean out all the toxins naturally. People who drink detox tea regularly sleeps better, look fresh and they also have better immunity.

Does detox tea help you to loose belly fat?

Detox tea includes ingredients which help to increase your metabolism, which results in burning fat of your body

How long do detox teas last?

Well, it vary from brand to brand. Some detox tea programs are supposed to be for 2 weeks, while some detox teas are made for 28 days detoxification.

Does detox tea help with constipation?

It depends upon the ingredients used in detox tea e.g. if the detox tea contains natural laxative like Senna then it will help you out with constipation issue. However there are other herbal supplements as well that can help you out with constipation like stinging nettle extract of ginger root but they are not as much effective as Senna.

What happens when you detox?

Your blood becomes clean from all impurities. All the toxins are removed from your body, which results in enhanced performance of your liver and kidneys.

Does detox tea clean your liver?

Yes, detox teas are actually helpful in cleaning out your liver, detox teas contain natural herbal ingredients like milk thistle and dandelion root etc. which remove all the toxic substances from your body and supports the healthy liver functions.