Detox Tea While Breastfeeding? Complete Guide for Nursing Mothers

Mostly mothers ask that can we drink detox tea while breastfeeding? Detox teas are the formulation of many herbal ingredients, which work to flush out the toxins from body. Generally mostly physicians don’t recommend to use detox teas while on a breastfeeding. Even on description of most detox teas, it is mentioned that breastfeeding women should avoid drinking it.

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So in case you are thinking to drink detox tea while nursing, then it will be much better, if you’ll consult it with your physician. There are many reasons to avoid drinking detox tea while breastfeeding. As whatever you are going to eat, will be transferred to your baby through your milk. Detox teas are not safe for babies. Doctors recommend to avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine and few medications while breastfeeding. Let’s discuss some reasons to avoid drinking detox tea while nursing.

Consequences of Drinking Detox Tea while Breastfeeding

Consequences for Mother

It has several side effects for mother. As most detox teas contain senna leaf which can cause cramping, diarrhea or even the pain in abdominal. Burdock is very common ingredient in most of the detox teas, which can be responsible for dehydration. As the mothers who are on nursing can easily become dehydrated. As they have to breastfeed their baby, which also needs fluid. However you can solve your dehydration issue by drinking extra water.

Baby can bear the following consequences

Most detox tea contains senna leaf. As stated by medlineplus, senna is safe in little amount however in high amount it can be unsafe. In small amount it will not cause any harm to baby’s nursing. However if it is taken in large amount, then it can be a problem.

A study from university of Maryland says that red clover has compounds that can alter the hormones. So there is a possibility that they may interfere with the production of milk. In this way it can be a problem for the growth of baby. So you should be very careful with drinking detox tea while breastfeeding.

Caffeinated detox tea should be avoided

Some detox teas contain caffeine as well. According to AAP, 1% of the total caffeine a woman take gets dissolve in breast milk. So if a women is drinking detox tea in little amount then its ok, but if she is drinking it in high amount then it’s harmful for her baby. Otherwise it will affect the behavior of your baby.

Caffeine is not recommended for babies. If your baby is getting caffeine through breast milk, then he will have a disturbed sleep and fussy behavior. So caffeinated detox tea should be avoided while breastfeeding.

There are also few benefits of detox tea for nursing mothers

Breastfeeding women can also get few benefits from detox teas. If you have a constipation issue, then it can be resolved with senna leaf, which is included in a detox tea. Other ingredients like red clover, burdock, and dandelion are useful in treating the swelling, which is caused by water retention. 


Can I drink lemon tea while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can drink it. As lemon tea is considered good for digestive problems. It is useful in getting rid of problems like bloating, gas, and cramps etc. If you are drinking it while breastfeeding, then it will help to solve digestive problems of your baby as well.

Does green tea affect breastfeeding?

There is no scientific evidence till yet that green tea can affect the breastfeeding. However green tea contains caffeine, and caffeine shouldn’t be used in large amount while breastfeeding. As only 1% of the caffeine you took will enters the breast milk. So if you are drinking green tea in little amount, then it is ok. If you are drinking it in large amount then it can show some side effects.

Can I drink flat tummy tea while breastfeeding?

Flat tummy tea is formulated by combining many herbal ingredients. Its use is not recommended for women who are pregnant or on nursing.


Drinking detox tea while breastfeeding can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. It is considered that if taken in small amount can give you few benefits as discussed above. If taken in large amount then it can be dangerous. However we will recommend that it’s better to avoid drinking it while breastfeeding or consult with your doctor.



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