Does Detox Tea Make You Poop? Answered By Experts

The most common question about detox tea is that does detox tea make you poop? All those people who are thinking to start detox tea program, want to know the answer. So the answer depends upon the metabolism of a person. It makes some people go to bathroom more, while some people remain normal. Detox tea makes you poop because of many factors. But remember one thing, pooping is not a bad thing, in fact this is what it takes. Pooping also play major role in the detoxification of our body.

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How detox tea make you poop?

If we look at the general purpose of detox teas, then these teas are made to boost up your metabolism. Detox teas clean out all the toxins from your body. Whatever we eat, we get the nutrients of that food during our sleep. Then whatever useless food is left, stores in our body. So it’s necessary to get rid of such food. Detox tea play its role here by making you poop and getting rid of such food.

We eat different kind of foods, some contains good nutrients like good protein, essential fats, fiber, and complex carbohydrates while some contains bad nutrients like saturated fat, sugars, and simple carbohydrates. In order to have a good and healthy body, it is necessary to eat good healthy food. But unfortunately most of the time we eat unhealthy junk food which creates a lot of toxins in our body.

These kind of foods make the natural detoxification process difficult. Detox tea helps here by removing those toxins from our body through pooping. This is how detox tea helps in weight loss as well.

Mostly we are recommended to drink such teas during the morning time. So after drinking detox tea, it helps to remove such food through pooping.

Many detox teas make you poop as they contains caffeine and laxatives. Generally caffeine can make you poop. Some teas contain laxatives which also play major role in pooping. Though a detox tea is made up of a lot of ingredients but a laxative ingredient like senna can make you go to bathroom. We can say that detox tea is beneficial, either it make you poop or not.


Detox tea make some people go to bathroom, depending upon their metabolism. Pooping is not a bad thing, because there is a lot of useless food stored in our body. We need to get rid of such food. Drinking detox tea or detox green tea help to clean out such food from our stomach through pooping. So whether detox tea make you poop or not, you don’t need to worry about it.


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