Does yogi detox tea have caffeine? Find out About All Detox Flavors

Many teas contain caffeine in their ingredients, but does yogi detox tea have caffeine as well? Many people are the consumer of yogi detox tea. Some people consider caffeine good for them, while some people are sensitive to caffeine.

Does yogi detox tea have caffeine by detoxteawizardYogi detox teas are the formulation of herbal ingredients. People love to include this tea as a part of their detoxification program. This brand has gained huge popularity all over the world in the category of detox teas. If we have to rank the best detox tea brands, then we can say without a second that the yogi tea stands among the top brands of detox teas.

The yogi has introduced various flavors in the category of detox teas. Some of its flavor contains caffeine, while some are caffeine free. So in this article, we’ll let you know that which of the yogi tea flavors contain caffeine and which are caffeine free.

Caffeine Quantity in Yogi Detox Teas

Yogi Teas

Caffeine quantity

1. Yogi detox tea healthy cleansing formula This flavor is Caffeine free
2. Yogi rose hibiscus skin detox tea This tea contains approx. of 12 mg caffeine in each tea bag
3. Yogi roasted dandelion spice detox tea It is caffeine free
4. Yogi berry detox tea Caffeine free
5. Yogi peach detox tea Caffeine free


What happens when you consume caffeine?

Caffeine is not a bad ingredient, if it is consumed in fair amount. According to the Mayo clinic, a healthy person shouldn’t exceed the limit of 400 mg caffeine per day. So if a healthy person is taking caffeine less than 400 mg a day, then it will not harm him. In fact, caffeine has some benefits for a person.

Caffeine makes you energetic and alert. On consuming caffeine, you’ll feel less tired and stay awake. Even you’ll find yourself more physically active in daily routine tasks. Caffeine is commonly found in many food products.

Exceeding the limit can cause problems like irregular heartbeat or you may feel trouble while breathing. As caffeine doesn’t store in your body, rather it processes in the liver and then comes out through urination. So on exceeding the limit, you may go to the bathroom more for urination.

As mentioned in the above table. 4 flavors of yogi detox tea are caffeine free. So it means neither you’ll get benefits of caffeine from it, nor you have to worry about exceeding the limit. Only one flavor of yogi detox tea has caffeine in it.

So if you want to get the benefit of caffeine, then you can go for that tea. It even contains a fair amount of caffeine, so you don’t need to worry about exceeding the daily caffeine limit.

A product containing caffeine is not recommended to use before going to sleep, as it will disturb your sleep badly. People who are sensitive to caffeine or pregnant women should consult doctor before drinking detox tea containing caffeine.


4 flavors of yogi detox teas are caffeine free. Only one yogi detox tea flavor has caffeine in it. If you are using caffeine in fair amount, then it will not cause any harm to you. In fact, you can avail few benefits of caffeine. Some people are sensitive to caffeine, so they can go for those 4 caffeine free yogi detox teas.

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