Drinking Green Tea For a Week? What will happen?

Do you know what will happen, while drinking green tea for a week? Green tea is one of the famous available tea. This tea is made up with leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Like many other oolong and black teas, it is a non-herbal tea. Green is very rich in nutrients and antioxidants. All these specifications of the green tea make it perfect healthy tea with a lot of benefits.

Drinking green tea for a week by detoxteawizardThere are different brands of green tea, the potential benefits can be varied depending upon the green tea brand and the duration for which you use green tea. But the general benefits of the green tea are almost the same and almost all the brands are perfect to provide you the best results. When you drink green tea for a week, you will see the change in your health.

Let’s see the different benefits of the green tea after drinking it for a week

1. Complete nutritional package

Green tea is a complete nutritional package to complete your all nutritional needs. This tea contains caffeine which is perfect for your nervous system. It also contains the amino acid which is good for your mental strength. Moreover, this tea contains the fluoride that can help you to strengthen tooth enamel. The green tea contains high level of compounds as compared to the other teas. So you’ll get all these nutritional benefits from drinking green tea for a week.

2. Helps in weight loss

Green tea can be a perfect part of your weight loss diet. The regular use of green tea can lead you towards the extra weight loss. The caffeine in green tea can help you to burn the extra fat in your body. As caffeine gives you energy and also speed up your metabolism, which leads to burning body fat. But make sure to prevent the high-calorie diet to get the best results.

3. Belly benefits

The use of green can help you to keep regular. This tea normally contains less amount of caffeine as compared to the coffee which helps you to make a routine for you.

4. Repair damaged skin

Green tea is the best way to repair your damaged skin. Green tea can help you in getting back your skin shine by drinking it for a week. This can help you to repair your skin which is damaged due to some reason. This can also help you to deal with certain skin conditions like eczema, and genital warts.

5. Lower blood sugar level

The use of green tea for a week can help you to maintain your sugar level. This is good tea for the people who have diabetes. This type of person can use green tea for 2 to 3 days in the week to get the perfect results.

6. Improve brain health

Some people don’t feel normal due to overwork. They don’t feel comfortable even in their free time. Green tea is the best to fresh your mind and gives some relaxation to your brain. The low level of caffeine in green tea is a perfect way to wake up without any kind of anxiety.

7. Lower blood pressure

The regular use of green tea is the best way to normalize your blood pressure without any side effects. By taking the green tea for a week, you will feel the positive change in your heart health.

Watch What Dr. Mike Says About Green Tea Benefits


From all the above discussion we can conclude that drinking green tea for a week is best for your body health without any side effects. You can use it for many purposes as discussed above. Moreover, it is the best natural way to strengthen your body without using any other supplement.


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