EcoTeas Yerba Mate Tea Unsmoked Review for Buyers

Today we will review very famous EcoTeas yerba mate tea unsmoked. In this article, we will share a detailed review of this detox tea along with the pros and cons.

Ecoteas has been producing organic herbal teas since 2000. The unsmoked yerba mate is a great addition to EcoTeas products. They claim this tea can help people in losing weight and cleaning out toxins from their bodies.

Most people ask why this tea is named “unsmoked.” According to EcoTeas, usually, the farmers use firewood in the drying process of yerba mate, but Ecoteas has created a clean and unique drying system, which doesn’t use firewood for drying the yerba mater; instead, they use natural gas for this purpose. Firewoods add a smoky taste to the yerba mate, but this tea is free from the smoky flavor as it dries with natural gas. In this article, we will review the effectiveness of this tea for weight loss and body cleansing.

ECOTEAS - Unsmoked Yerba Mate Tea review


Review of unsmoked yerba mate detox tea

The first thing that attracted us about this tea was its Eco-friendly packaging, which we believe is a great step from this company towards improving the environment. Just look at the teabags of this tea, which is a great step towards reducing waste in the environment, as the tea bags don’t contain any string or wrappers. Even the teabags are glue-free as they are sealed with heat. In other words, we can say this tea is providing more value in minimal packaging. Only the best detox teas take care of such things.

The taste of this tea is light compared to traditional yerba mate teas because of the drying method. Though the taste is slightly bitter, you can add honey, lemon, or sugar to make it tastier.

This yerba mate tea can be beneficial for weight loss purposes. The yerba mate is a really helpful ingredient that curbs your appetite, speeds up your metabolism. With reduced appetite, you no longer crave for unnecessary meals, which aids in weight loss. The boosted-up metabolism help in burning the fat from the body. Moreover, this tea contains caffeine, which makes you energetic, due to which you perform physical activites more actively, which also results in weight loss. Also, yerba mate contains a lot of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamin B, which aids in living a healthy lifestyle.

Along with these weight loss benefits, this tea also cleans out toxins from the body. The cleaning of toxins is necessary, as we eat lots of junk and unhealthy foods daily, which creates toxins in our bodies. These toxins are unhealthy for our body; it is necessary to clean them out. This can help you out by cleaning those toxins from your body. Overall, this is a great yerba mate tea at an affordable price.

Pros & Cons of EcoTeas Yerba Mate Unsmoked Detox Tea

  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Helpful in weight loss
  • Makes you energetic
  • Clean out toxins
  • Affordable price
  • Clean drying process
  • All organic tea
  • Due to caffeine, we don’t recommend drinking it before going to bed.


After reading this Ecoteas yerba mate tea unsmoked review, you must have a clear image of this tea in your mind. This is all organic tea which can help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

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  2. Ecoteas yerba is not exposed to smoke (or natural gas) at any point in the process; a system is used that has a flow of hot air produced by the indirect heat of a boiler.

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