Love Rooibos – Organic Rooibos Red Bush Tea Review

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Love Rooibos organic rooibos tea review by detoxteawizard

This tea is made by Love Rooibos. They collect the tea leaves from Cederberg mountain, South Africa, then manufacture the tea to serve the customers. Moreover, Love Rooibos is committed to supporting Rhino Conservation. Whatever money they earn from selling teas, they donate some amount to Care for Wild, the Rhinos rehabilitation center. We appreciate their passion for this good cause. Today, we will find out, is this tea worth buying?

Review of the Organic Rooibos Red Bush Tea – Love Rooibos

This is all organic detox tea, which is harvested from the Cederberg mountain, South Africa. Upon opening the box, you will get four silver foil pouches; each pouch contains 20 tea bags. The tea is very easy to make and can be enjoyed with or without adding milk or any sweetener like honey or lemon. The taste is earthy, if you love the earthy taste, it’s great, but you can always make it tastier by adding sweetener to it. You can drink this tea hot or cold, depending upon your choice. The plus point of this tea is it doesn’t get bitter because it contains a very low amount of tannins.

The amount of tannins in this tea is very low as compared to coffee or black tea. Due to this reason, it will not affect the absorption of iron, as a large number of tannins can affect the absorption of iron.

Rooibos tea is beneficial in many ways, as this tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which are great for our health. Moreover, tea is free of sugar, gluten, calories, or caffeine. As the tea is caffeine-free, it makes it a good drink to enjoy during the day or even at nighttime. The caffeinated drinks disturb sleep if you drink them before going to bed. But this tea is caffeine-free, so it can be enjoyed even at nighttime. Additionally, it will help you sleep with peace if you drink it before sleep.

We loved their confidence, as they are committed to refund the money if you are not satisfied with their tea. You can claim a refund within 30 days. Moreover, the price is already very low.

Pros & Cons of Love Rooibos – Organic Rooibos Red Bush Tea

  • 100% Organic tea
  • Low priced
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Lots of antioxidants
  • Caffeine-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Low tannins
  • Money Refund guarantee
  • Good for health
  • If you don’t like the earthy taste, you have to add sweetener to it.



We hope you have loved this review of organic rooibos tea – Love Rooibos. All the queries in your mind regarding this tea must have been resolved. This is organic tea, which is perfect for the whole family. The tea is very calm and good for health. Moreover, Love Rooibos is working for a good cause, which we really appreciate.

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