Red Espresso Rooibos Tea Review – Along with Pros & Cons

Are you looking for Red espresso rooibos tea review? Your wait is over because we have covered a detailed review of this red tea to help our readers make a good decision. As whenever you think of buying a red tea or rooibos tea, lots of brands come into your mind; red Espresso is one of them. We thought to publish the expert review on this tea to tell our readers about this tea. If you are confused, whether this tea is worth buying or not, read the complete review; in the end, you will have your answer.

Red Espresso Rooibos Tea review by detoxteawizard

Red Espresso is the manufacturer of red tea from South Africa. They produced the world’s first-ever  Rooibos Espresso tea in 2005. Till now, Red Espresso has earned eight international awards, which also includes the best new specialty award 2008 at flagship show the Specialty Coffee Association of America. In 2008, it was also recognized as one of the top ten new products worldwide by the World Tea Expo. But today, our concern is to let you know either tea is good enough or not.

Review of the Rooibos Tea – Red Espresso

This is a ground tea (powdered form). You can make delicious red Espresso, iced tea, or latte with this tea by using the coffee appliance. The best part of this tea is that this tea perfect for the whole family. Even if you are a pregnant woman, you can enjoy this tea. This tea is made using red tea leaves, also known as red bush leaves, which grow in South Africa.

The tea is fully organic without any additives; not even a little chemical, color, or sugar is used in this tea. The taste of this tea is very smooth, flavorful, and slightly sweet. You can drink this tea hot or cold, depending upon your choice. It tastes good in both forms.

The red tea leaves are naturally caffeine-free and contain many antioxidants, which are good for our health. The antioxidant level in red tea is a lot more than tea or coffee. These antioxidants protect our body by fighting free radicals; otherwise, free radicals can damage our cells.

Other benefits of red tea include anti-aging properties, maintaining good heart health, and balancing cholesterol levels. Moreover, this tea boosts immunity and provides a feeling of calmness. Another plus point of red tea is a low amount of tannins compared to black tea or green tea, as more amount of tannins can affect the absorption level of iron.

The tea is naturally caffeine-free, which can be considered a good alternative to coffee. If you don’t like caffeinated drinks or you want to reduce the consumption of caffeine, this drink is for you. As it is caffeine-free, that’s why you can enjoy this tea at any time of the day or even before going to bed.  In simple words, this is one of the best detox teas that you can get in market. After review, lets find out the major pros and cons of red espresso rooibos tea.

Pros & Cons of Red Espresso Rooibos Tea

  • Delicious red Espresso tea
  • 100% pure organic
  • Compatible with coffee appliances
  • Caffeine-free
  • Free of additives or chemicals
  • High antioxidants level
  • Balance cholesterol levels
  • Good for heart health
  • Detoxification
  • The whole family can enjoy it
  • Tea leaves grew at a higher altitude level
  • You can enjoy it hot or cold
  • A perfect alternative to coffee
  • Sugar-free
  • Makes you calm
  • You should have a coffee machine to make a perfect red espresso.


How to make Red Espresso Rooibos tea?

It’s very simple, you just have to put this ground tea into your coffee machine, and your red Espresso will be ready. It gives the pure feel of a café-style drink.


After reading the red espresso rooibos tea review, you must have understood why this tea had won so many awards. This tea is good for health and perfect for the whole family. You need to coffee machine, and then you can enjoy a perfect red espresso, a great alternative to coffee.

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