What is detox tea & What does it do to your body? [FAQ Included]

What is detox tea? Detox teas are made up of organic herbal ingredients which are used for the detoxification of our body. These teas are most commonly used for the purpose of weight loss and liver cleansing. There are also other variants of detox teas available in the market right which are used for the detoxification of skin.

More than 80% people around the world uses natural herbs for their primary healthcare. So it shows the worth of herbal foods for human health.

What is detox tea

What does detox tea do?

What does detox tea do

People now a days eat a lot of unhealthy junk food, drink alcohol on a regular basis. It creates a lot of toxins in their body, and then a time comes when the body loses its capacity to get rid of those toxins. The more you collect toxins in your body the more your body creates fat in order to store that toxicity.

The more amount of toxins  your body makes, the more hesitant it becomes for your body to get rid of them. Now at this point it’s really necessary to burn those toxins as soon as possible. Detox teas help you out to flush out those toxic substances present in your body.

Detox teas are also formulated from the natural herbs. They help to support the liver, kidneys. The herbs used in teas have antioxidants properties, anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe the digestive track.

Antioxidants present in detox tea plays the most important role in this whole process. When we increase the antioxidants in our diet, it promotes healthy tissues/cells in our body.

Apart from liver cleansing detox teas are also used for the following purposes:

1. Induce Weight loss

Induce Weight Loss

Detox teas helps to lose weight by suppressing your appetite thus you will have no more cravings for food between meals. It also boost up your metabolism thus enhancing your fat burning capability and also it improves your digestive system. By the regular use of detox tea you will start losing fat and will find yourself in a proper slim shape. if you are looking for some really effective teas for weight loss then you can find them here.

2. Makes Healthier Skin

makes skin healthier

Detox teas makes your liver healthy, improves the blood circulation which results in clearing up your skin by removing all impurities from it, brings glow on it, and make it healthier. Here you can find some of the highly effective teas for the health and glow of skin.

What are the side effects of detox tea?

Though the detox tea is a herbal tea but still it has some side effects as well which can be controlled easily. It is not recommended for children because it may affect their growth and development. You should also avoid drinking this along with other drug, so it may affect with the absorption of that drug. Women with pregnancy should also avoid drinking this tea.

What happens when you detox?

Your blood becomes clean from all impurities. All the toxins are removed from your body, which results in enhanced performance of your liver and kidneys.

How long do detox teas last?

Well, it vary from brand to brand. Some detox tea programs are supposed to be for 2 weeks, while some detox teas are made for 28 days detoxification.


Drinking detox tea is a natural way to detoxify your body as it contains different organic herbs in its formulation. it helps in removing all the waste and toxins from your body. These teas makes the liver and kidneys healthier. It also helps in losing weight by suppressing appetite and also by boosting up the metabolism. Boosting up the metabolism results in burning fat from the body. It removes all the impurities from blood while increasing its circulation.  It also makes the skin clearer and healthier.

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