Yogi Detox Tea Flavors – Find Out Their Taste & Purposes

Do you know! What are the yogi detox tea flavors? Yogi is a very famous brand in the industry of detox teas. People are very satisfied with its detox teas. They have introduced various flavors of yogi detox tea in market. Each flavor serve different purpose. All the flavors are enough for the detoxification of whole body.

Yogi Detox Tea Flavors by DetoxteawizardIn this article, we’ll discuss about detox tea flavors, their purposes and taste. After reading this article, you’ll be fully aware of the flavor that you were thinking to buy. So let’s discuss the different flavors of yogi detox tea.

Following Are The 5 Yogi Detox Tea Flavors

1. Yogi Organic Dandelion Root Detox Tea – Healthy Cleansing Formula

Yogi detox tea dandelion root

This flavor is made for healthy cleansing of your body. It is all organic tea with no sweetener or any kind of artificial flavor. Even this flavor is free of caffeine. Organic dandelion is used in this flavor. This tea has a spicy taste of natural herbs. Combo of juniper berry, dandelion, and burdock root along with ayurvedic blend is used in this flavor.


2. Yogi Skin Detox Tea – Soothing Rose Hibiscus

yogi detox tea rose hibiscus flavor

This flavor is manufactured for the detoxification of skin. It is also the organic tea with no artificial flavor. It can bring a healthy glow on your skin. Caffeine is included in this flavor. It has little sweetish taste of hibiscus flower and rose petal along with herbal earthy taste. In simple words you can say that it has smell and taste of light flowery flavor.


3. Yogi Peach Detox – Healthy Cleansing Formula

Yogi peach detox tea

This flavor is also used for cleansing of our body. Though it is a peach detox, but mainly you are going to taste and smell the flavor of cinnamon. It has a strong spicy flavor. They have used only natural ingredients in this yogi tea flavor.

An Ayurvedic combo of organic spices are used in it which includes black pepper, ginger, and long black pepper. Dandelion present in it is mainly responsible for healthy cleansing. It is also caffeine free.


4. Yogi Roasted Dandelion Spice Detox Tea

Yogi roasted dandelion detox tea flavor

Roasted dandelion spice is used in this flavor. The difference between this flavor and the above mentioned dandelion flavor is the addition of roasted dandelion spice. Above mentioned flavor contains only organic dandelion but this flavor contains combination of dandelion root and roasted dandelion. This combination is best for supporting the health of liver.

Taste of this flavor is very complex. For taste along with roasted dandelion, the combo of ginger, cinnamon and cocoa shell is added in it. This flavor is also organic without any kind of sweetener of artificial flavor. This flavor is also caffeine free. It also supports the natural cleansing of your body.


5. Yogi Berry Detox – Healthy Cleansing Formula

Yogi berry detox tea

This tea is also manufactured to support the healthy cleansing of your body. It has a sweet and fruity flavor of hibiscus flower and acai berry. It is also organic and caffeine free flavor. Famous cleansing herbs like dandelion and burdock are also included in this flavor.



Yogi detox teas stand among the top detox teas in market. They have introduced different flavors for different purposes. All the flavors mentioned above are USDA certified organic. One yogi tea detox flavor is for the detoxification of skin. While other 4 yogi detox tea flavors are to support the healthy cleansing of your body. So you can choose the flavor depending upon your purpose and taste preference.

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